Five styling tips for a warm winter home

Posted: 2 June 2020

Winter is well and truly here and it’s time to get cosy and bring your focus inward. At Weave, we believe that getting the most out of the cooler months is all about making your surroundings warm and inviting so they are places you feel safe comfortable and relaxed.



Warming your home with layers and Weave Home



Winter styling is all about incorporating rich textural layers and warm seasonal colours that provide respite from the outside chill and our nurture inherent need to nest. Plush fabrics and upholstery add warmth even without a roaring fire and sumptuous velvet sofa cushions paired with a thick wool throw are a great way to add those extra layers of texture to your living room or lounge.



Warming your home with rugs and Weave Home



Whilst wooden floors and polished concrete are a stunning feature they tend to be cold underfoot and struggle to retain heat. Dressing your floor in a natural fibre rug is a great way to not only protect your floors but create a warming environment in your living bedroom or dining areas. A floor rug adds style and colour to a room whilst offering a layer of insulation to the floor trapping cool air underneath and keeping it from entering the room. 



Warming your home with colour and Weave Home



A well-considered space should provide a visual journey when you first walk in and it’s the textures patterns and colours that tell this story. If you have ever wanted to test out a darker colour palette now is the time to experiment with new cushions. 2020 decorating trends balance rich earthy tones like sienna copper jade green and ochre with highlights of sandstone and off white to provoke a space that not only invites you in but makes you feel warm and comforted.



Warming your home with lighting and Weave Home



With the use of soft textured light, you can effortlessly result in a calming and warm environment. Lighting that uses crackled glass to cast shadows on walls and fabric-wrapped shades create ambient rooms that are proven to be calming to the nervous system contributing to health and wellbeing. Changing the light bulbs in your lamps and ceiling lights from sterile white to warm yellow creates a glow and a feeling of ease and warmth. This is a super quick and easy fix for stark cold living spaces.



Warming your home with candles



Candles are the perfect way to turn your home into a winter sanctuary. The flickering flame soft ambient light and warming scent will quickly transform your home into a cosy haven from the outside chill. Using deep woody Wintery scents and spicy oriental blends will give life and warmth to your living and bedroom interiors.



With the Winter solstice and longest day this week there really has been no better time to hibernate and spend nights indoors rugged up under a throw rug on the couch. No matter how you decide to spend your Winter weekends we hope you stay toasty cosy and inspired! 

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