A guide: How to choose kid-friendly and nursery room rugs

Posted: 11 September 2020

Rugs are a wonderful way to add some extra warmth personality and protection to your child’s nursery bedroom or play area.



Finding the perfect rug for your child's space

For your nursery having something soft underfoot will help create an extra cosy and warm space for you and the baby something you will relish at those midnight feeds especially in the cooler months and as they start to move and crawl around you want as much protection for their little hands and knees. 

Children are bound to spend lots of time on their floor playing with their toys reading and crawling. If you have a hardwood floor it is definitely worthwhile investing in a rug to keep them comfortable. If you already have wall-to-wall carpet it is still a great idea to include an extra rug to create a barrier for any inevitable spit ups or spills.



Choose a rug that will last 

When it comes to choosing a rug that both kids and parents will love there are more factors at play than just style! You want a rug that will withstand heavy wear and tear be easy to clean and feel beautifully soft for your little one to happily roll crawl and play on. 

A well-chosen rug can stand the test of time - being used all the way from your baby’s nursery to their ‘big kid’ bedroom. There are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 


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Need some pointers?

We have put together the ultimate guide to help you choose the ideal rug for the nursery kids bedroom or play area from the right rug material size quality and the importance of safety. And if you're shopping for rugs online - here are some tips to help you navigate buying the right rug online.



Choosing the right rug material

Kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor so it is important to ensure that the rug you choose has that ‘cosy factor’ for little hands and feet. Kids are also bound to get messy – with spills inevitable and crumbs galore – so you want your rug to be as easy to clean (and maintain) as possible. Both of these factors come down to the type of rug material that you choose.



Woollen Rug

Woollen rugs are always a favourite for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms and it is no wonder why! This warm natural fibre is resilient easy to clean naturally flame resistant insulating water-repelling and it even has antibacterial properties- making it a great choice for kids suffering from asthma or allergies. 


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Designed to last they tend to cost a little bit more whilst they will shed initially this will soon stop and their hard-wearing properties and extreme cosiness are hard to beat.



Cotton Area Rugs

Cotton rugs are very very easy to clean and very versatile. They are also naturally hypoallergenic. Cotton rugs are also less expensive than wool rugs so they are a good choice for busy families on a budget however be mindful they are less hardwearing than wool rugs.


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In general, it is worthwhile investing in a large spacious rug for the bedroom. Smaller sized rugs can make the room look cramped whereas a large rug will open up the space giving the room a more cohesive look.



Colour & Pattern

As your little one develops lots of different interests along the way the room’s décor is naturally going to go through lots of different pattern and colour combos. For this reason, it is best to invest in a fairly neutral rug that will fit seamlessly into every style change.

From a practicality perspective stick to rugs in darker colourways or that have a pattern. These styles will hide wear and tear such as hard to remove spots more easily. With Weave’s wide collection of floor rugs, there is a wide range of dark colourways and patterns to choose from.




Considering the texture of the rug is also important. Where possible opt for a flat weave rug because this will take some wear and is comfier to play on. Remember the addition of a rug is the perfect opportunity to create harmony between your room’s design elements. When deciding on what colours and textures to choose think about what is missing in the space and fill the void! The more you mix and match the more visually interesting your nursery space will be (especially if you have opted for a neutral style).


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Last but not least you want to ensure that your rug doesn’t present any trip hazards to prevent any little falls or bumps. When it comes to the rug itself you’ll want to check if it has a cotton backing. This will prevent your rug from slipping on hardwood floors or bunching on carpet floors. Each Weave rug comes with high-quality cotton backing important for stability and durability. For safe rug placement tips check out our blog post on choosing a rug for your home


Cleaning your Rug

Now for the fun part - you’ve successfully chosen a nursery rug that is easy to clean and the inevitable spill as occurred! We recommend treating spots and spills immediately with warm water and a paper towel using a dabbing motion. Be mindful to not scrub the rug as this may cause permanent pile damage. If the stain persists contact a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible.

For longevity we recommend you vacuum regularly with low suction power and rotate your rug to ensure even wear.


Care & Fair 

We are proud members of Care & Fair an international organisation that aims to eliminate illegal child labour in rug weaving areas. Our contributions help to improve the living standard of families and communities in these areas. So when you purchase a Weave rug for your family you can rest easy knowing that you are helping the family of the artisan who created your rug.


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