Three essential tips to wash and care for cushion covers

Posted: 2 February 2021

In this quick guide, we share three easy ways you can wash your cushion inners pillows and cushion covers to keep them looking great. Our tips include ideas for sofa cushions from linen to velvet and for different types of pillow inners.


Weave Home Cushion Care Fluffing and Plumping
Left: Como linen cushion collection | Right: Ava velvet cushion.


Fluffing and plumping

Never underestimate how fresh a sofa of plump cushions looks! Make it part of your weekly routine to keep the inners fluffy and comfy. In fact, you should be doing this to all of your pillows throughout the house!

Our favourite technique for fluffing and plumping is the karate chop method.  Simply hold the cushion over your knee and give it a few karate chops on each side.  This will work the inner back into the corners of the cover to give it that plump fluffy fill.


Weave Home Cushion Care

From left: Como lumbar Shadow and Ava Ecru cushions with Carillo Onyx and Malbec Onyx embroidered cushions from archived collections. Left image: Embla embroidered cushion.


How do I wash my cushion covers?

This depends on the fibre content and style of the cushion cover. We always recommend that more delicate designs such as embroidered Embla should be dry-cleaned. Even some fabrics that are of the same composition may have different recommendations for care. For example, our Ava and Zoe cushions are both polyester velvet but due to the fabrics undergoing different treatments when they are made they need to be cleaned differently - it can be confusing this is why it is so important to check the care label! Ava needs to be dry cleaned whereas it is safe to throw your Zoe covers in the washing machine. In fact, annual spruce will extend its life.  Our Linen favourite Como is fine in a gentle cold machine wash which is ideal if you share your home with children and pets.  Be sure to always check the care label on your product first before doing any cleaning to ensure you are following the right instructions:


Machine wash

  • Gentle cold machine wash
  • Wash with like colours
  • Lie flat to dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Cool iron on the reverse
  • Dry-cleanable


Hand wash

  • Gentle cold hand wash
  • Wash with like colours
  • Lie flat to dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Cool iron on the reverse
  • Dry-cleanable


Dry clean only

Don't be tempted to take matters into your own hands! Take these cushion covers to your local dry cleaner for a proper assessment and clean.


Spot cleaning

For small spills or marks, it is best to spot clean. Use a soft cloth with a very little bit of water and a gentle detergent to blot the stain (without rubbing) – you can then press the stain with a paper towel to remove the loose particles. Be sure to test this first on a small patch of the cushion to make sure your detergent is appropriate for the specific fabric.

Your cushion cover isn't dirty but needs a freshen up? Skip washing it simply remove the cover and try hanging it outside or in a steamy bathroom to breathe. Giving it some time out is equally refreshing and a great alternate to drycleaning where all you want is to refresh it slightly.



Weave Home Cushion Care Fluffing and Plumping

Left: Como linen | Ava velvet cushions.  Right: Solano throw in Ocean | Ava Nougat Como 50cm Square Laurel Ava Steel | Como 50cm Square Ocean cushions.


Cleaning your cushion inserts

If there has been a spillage on the sofa cushions or you just feel it's time for a freshen up below is a guide on how to wash your cushion inners.  Don't forget to close the zips to avoid them getting caught in the washer!

From March 2021 Weave cushions come with a WeaveFIll microblend insert and there is also the option to upgrade to a feather insert. Although they both have a quality 100% cotton Japara cover and look very similar they have different washing instructions due to their different fillings. Make sure that you check the care label attached to the insert (not the cover) before attempting any cleaning.


How to wash our WeaveFill cushion insert

Our WeaveFill inserts are allergy and odour-free so you will rarely need to wash them however if they do need a clean we recommend that you:

  1. Put your inner in a warm machine wash
  2. Line dry in the shade or tumble-dry warm

How to wash a feather-fill cushion insert

Weave’s feather fill inserts are filled with 100% white duck feather and are fully certified for being non-live-plucked having a responsible down standard and traceable supply chain. To clean we recommend dry cleaning.


How to wash a polyester insert

Pre-AW21 polyester inserts were a standard inclusion with all cushion covers. If you own one of these cushion inners we advise that you follow these steps to clean:

  1. Hand-wash only
  2. Gentle squeeze
  3. Drip dry



If you're ever in doubt get in touch with our friendly team!


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