Rug usability - finding and placing the right rugs in your home

Posted: 26 November 2020

When choosing a rug for your home it pays to consider the area or space that the rug is for and determine the suitability based on the pile and fibre type. We’ve put together this Rug Suitability Guide for you to navigate this choice and select a rug that is perfect for your home – room by room.



Living Room

A rug in your living space will create a warm and inviting space. Particularly if you have hard flooring in this area. A rug will provide a visual anchor to the as well as provide comfort and warmth for those that like to sit or play on the floor. Often interior designers choose a rug first and build the interior scheme around the colour and texture of the rug. For a living environment, the best rugs will be warm and inviting – you can choose a plush and textured rug or a flatter jute rug all dependent on the look and feel that you want. As furniture is not generally moved often in a living space – a higher pile or more decorative weave technique will be acceptable. But this really depends on your family and how space is used.


Weave Almonte and Emmerson Rugs

Weave Almonte rug in Oyster | Emerson rug in Seasalt



Dining Room

When choosing a rug for your dining space there are several points to consider. Dining areas tend to be higher traffic spaces with multiple chairs moving in and out regularly and often spills and crumbs falling onto the rug. This is why we would avoid anything with a high pile and suggest a flat weave rug. It is also important to choose a rug size that will fit the table and the chairs. Too-small rugs can trip up the dining chairs when pulled out and damage the edges of the rug. You want to avoid rugs with a high pile or any rugs that have a raised or uneven weave technique for their crumb catching deep crevices. Jute and low pile wool-blend rugs are the best choices for your dining area.


Weave Jimara and Catania Rugs

Weave Jimara rug in Pigment | Catania rug in Natural




Bedrooms are an ideal space to add a rug to give a luxurious and warm feel to space. Rugs in bedrooms are ideally placed under the bed to give a soft and cosy underfoot feel when getting in and out of bed. A rug in your bedroom will also soften the space and provide a comforting layer of warmth. Generally, bedrooms are lower traffic areas which mean rugs with higher piles or more delicate fibres are entirely suitable here.


Weave Catania and Lisbon Rugs

Weave Catania rug in Natural | Lisbon rug in Seasalt



Hallways and Entranceways

When considering a rug for a hallway or entranceway you must consider these spaces as higher traffic areas where people are generally wearing footwear. As well as being the area where outside foot traffic is often bringing the exterior in ie. wet or dirty footwear. With this in mind – a harder wearing and lower pile rug is the best choice. A rug in these areas will also soften the sound of footsteps so adding a rug to your hallway will provide a sound barrier to the rooms off the hallway. We recommend our 100% jute or lower pile wool blend rugs for these spaces.



Weave Emerson rug in Seasalt and Feather


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