Mitre Rug - Feather. Stylish rug. Minimal design living room rug. Living room ideas. Designer rug
Mitre Rug - Feather. Living room rug. Minimal design rug. Designer rug
Mitre Rug - Feather. High quality fabrics rug. Minimal design rug. High quality rug.
Mitre Rug - Feather. Detailed rug. High quality fabrics rug.  Minimal design rug
Mitre Rug - Feather. Designer Rug. Stylish living rug. Living room rug. Dining room rug

Mitre Rug - Feather

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  • Ethically handmade in partnership with Care and Fair
  • 65% Wool and 35% Viscose
  • Hand woven
  • Suitable for low-traffic areas such as the bedroom
The Mitre rug is a super thick, soft, and luxurious floor rug. Made from a chunky spun yarn, and featuring a raised diamond pattern that is overlaid and handwoven into the rug in a contrasting colour, this is a beautiful rug.

Handwoven on Panja looms, the Mitre rug measures 2m x 3m and features a full cotton backing and edging for improved longevity and wear. Please note our rugs are individually handmade and woven, as such size can alter by 5% from the dimensions ordered.

The softness underfoot comes from the wool and viscose blend, lightly spun. The Mitre rug isn't a flat pile - the diamond pattern sits up higher than the base rug, so we recommend using it in bedrooms, nurseries and sitting rooms and other low traffic areas. This is a beautiful rug to add texture and interest, as well as warmth and comfort, to a room.

Our feather colourway features natural undyed yarn, with added darker yarns as the base, and the raised diamond pattern in the lighter undyed wool. The overall effect is of a pale grey rug.
  • Style: Casual
  • Primary Fabric: Wool
  • Primary Fabric: Viscose
  • Pattern: Diamond
  • Texture: Woven
  • Care: We recommend treating spots and spills immediately with warm water and paper towel. If the stain persists, contact a professional rug cleaner as soon as possible. Do not scrub rugs as it may cause permanent pile damage