A guide: Choosing the right rug for your home

Posted: 3 April 2019

Floor rugs are both practical and essential to creating a finished interior. Adding a floor rug to a room warms the space visually as well as being warm and soft underfoot. They reduce noise by absorbing sound on hard surface floors as well as protecting them from being scuffed and scratched by furniture.


Rugs can be used in so many different ways - to accessorise a room define different living spaces within a room or to add that warmth and softness. Floor rugs work equally well in all environments - it's all about choosing the right rug for the room and your style.

Floor rugs tie the design of a room together - adding texture and interest and helping to anchor furniture.



What is a flat weave rug?

All of the rugs in the Weave collection are exclusively handwoven for us in India using a technique called flat-weave. The flat weave style of rugs has been created for generations using skills handed down through artisan families.

The designs patterns and colours used are inspired by nature and the natural materials used to make the – cotton wool jute and viscose. The result is a rug that is textural appealing and perfectly suited to New Zealand's relaxed interiors. 

Rugs from the Weave collection work well in just about any style of home - contemporary minimalist coastal boho or vintage-industrial - whatever your style there's a Weave rug that will work.



Weave Choosing a Rug for your home


Perfect rug placement in the lounge room

In the living room, a mid-sized floor rug will help to anchor your furniture and create a defined space.

Ideally, the front legs of your sofa and armchairs should sit on the rug and there should be plenty of room left for your coffee and side tables to sit on the rug.

The easiest way to visualise how the rug will work in your space is to lay out a sheet of newspapers or blanket and see how a 2 x 3m rug will work with your furniture and in your space.


Weave Living Room


Tips for rug placement in the bedroom

Adding a floor rug to your bedroom brings texture colour and frames your sleeping space. If you have timber floorboards or tiles then you’ll be grateful for the warmth of a floor rug underfoot.

A Weave 2 x 3m rug will sit generously under whatever size bed you have – we recommend positioning it width ways (see the picture below) and making sure you have plenty of rug showing at the bottom of the bed.


Weave Bedroom


Rug placement in the dining room

Our 2 x 3m rectangular rug will pair perfectly with either a rectangular or oval-shaped six-seater table measuring up to 200 x 90cm. This will give you room for guests to pushchairs back and fit most dining spaces perfectly. Our tip is to choose a two-tone patterned or darker coloured rug in case of spills.

Weave Dining Room



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